Betta Splenden Hatchery


  Future Lines/Lines in Progress:

Blue Ice Marbles- Blue/white marbles. Aim: HM and/or HMx blue/white bf patterned betta, piebalds are a plus! lol Current Standing: In progress spawn, f1. Foundation stock: "Top Hat" and "Snow White". (see Current Spawns).

Green Ice Marbles- Green/Turq. and white marbles. Same as above, except the greens are "Green Ice's" opposed to Blue.

Tropical Storm- Oranges, black oranges. Aim: SD or better finnage, solid oranges and black oranges. Current Standing: Spawns not yet in progress. Foundation Stock: Orange STM x sibling STF, orange and BO geno, from BCBetta.
  Last updated on 9/5/2004
at 8:20:35 PM