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Catalog of Our Fish

  Here you wil find a catalog of our current breeders and stock. ~Enjoy!


Yes this is an Albino male. I spotted him one day at my local Wal-Mart, and was compleatly and utterly amazed! Because albinos are the rarest by far of all bettas. This male is a very interesting character. He acts strange in many wasy, he likes the dark, he can sometimes follow my finger around the bowl, so I don't think he is compleatly blind, however I do believe he at least has slight vision problem. He is scared of huge motions, but has a very very hard time finding his food at the top of his bowl. I want to try and spawn him one day, but hardly have time for another spawn at the moment.

"Star Dance"
This is a nice DTM marble purchased from Paul at Biloxi Bettas. This male is like most marbles, a real color changer! When he first arrived he was near pure white, now as you can see he still likes to change, but has gotten more color. This male may alos have the genes from Peter Goetner's marble line, as does his sister (you'll see her in the Females section). This male has been spawned once, and was a model first time father. Go to Current Spawns for more info. on his spawning. Below is another pic of him, proudly gaurding his nest of eggs. :D

This is a pretty little Red CTM. I found this guy at my LPS, when they accidentally got in CT's instead or regular bettas. He is a little small, but will grow and I suspect he is pretty young. But he does have an attitude! He's very fiesty :D

" McFlurry"
McFlurry is a very pretty red white butterfly CTM. Like the male above, McFlurry was an LPS find (same store, same time *lol*). He is a real treat for the eyes when flaring, and I hope to someday try to start a line with him.

" Top Hat"
Top Hat was purchased from Biloxi Bettas. He is a green very near HM (as you can see) piebald marble male. He is a big boy, near 6 months old. His parents were both green adn white marbles purchased by Paul from BlueBetta in Thailand. He has been spawned once, and was a great Daddy. He was spawned to his sibling sister, a white opaque marble, you will find her in the females section. And yes that's her in the pic with him above.

This is a nice green near HM male (Note- This pic hardly shows his tail,as it is covered in front by his other fins). He is also from Biloxi Bettas, from their award winning line of Greens and Blues. (His grandfather can be viewed on their front page, "the Master Breeder").

This orange SD male is from BCbetta. He is from a spawn of black oranges and oranges. He was spawned once, and was a good Daddy, but the fry did not survive. He blows a great bubblenest! :D And he has gotten me into oranges, they are so pretty in real life!


" Snow White"
Snow White is a very huge girl! She is the sibling to Top Hat, and they spawned recently (Go to current spawns). She appears ot be an Opaque White girl, however she is in fact green/white marble geno. She is big like I said, and she knows it! She even bossed the male around in the spawning tank a little!

This little orange cambo girl is th esibling to the orange male. She is very active, and I think keeps hre weight thin like she is becasue she is so active! :D She's a cutie pie.

This is a royal blue female, she is HM geno. She is the sibling to the Green STM. She has great fins and clean color :).

This is a cute green girl. Sibling to the blue girl above, as well as their brother the Green STM. This is a nice female, and fat with eggs :D.

This is a pretty Mustard Gas girl. She is from bcbetta. She came along with her brother (no longer alive) whom I lowned to another local breeder to spawn (I am going to get some of his babies soon). She is from a MG spawn, but her father was black MG geno.

Starla is a beautiful blue marble girl. She is from Biloxi Bettas, and is brother to the Marble DTM. She also carries the genes for the marbles of Peter Goetner :D. She is a very impressive blue marble girl, and I am very excited about their fry.

I aslo have a few other girls I have no pics of right now. 1 is a pretty blue marlbe piebald STF. I also have a steel/red DTF. I will try to get pics of them soon.
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