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The fry are today at 5 weeks and 5 days. The bottom spawn are bigger than the top spawn, and I suspect this must be due to the smaler number of fry. But spawn #1 (opaquex green marble) are doing well too. I am deserate for some more foods to offer them, and I will be getting some more frozen bbs this weekend, as well as some live foods. They love beefheart though! I'll try to get a few pics up in the current spawns section this weeked.

Previous Updates:

Both spawns are doing well! They were both 3 weeks old yesterday (Tuesday). They just started eating soem frozen bbs with their live bbs etc. There are at least a few, and I'm thinking half/hlaf DT's in the DTxSt spawn. I will try to get some pictures up soon!
We have two new spawns of fry now! Go to the "Current Spawns" page for more info. on those spawns. I also recently found two gorggeous CT males at my LPS which is amazing! I will try to get some pics of thme up sometime. That's all for now, keep checking back for updates and news on those new fry!

Welcome all to the new site! We will be updating frequently in the next few weeks or so, so please keep checking for updates.

The new fish arrived safely (and happy to get out of those bags I must say! lol) yesterday afternoon. They are settling in well. I will post up some pic's when I can. Well, just thought I'd give you'll a heads up to lookout for pics, as well as get info. on our new breeders! :)

Well, the spawn tanks have been cycling a while now, and are ready for occupants! I have just placed a nice order of breeders from biloxi bettas, and am excitedly awaiting their arrival this week! I hope you all had a happy 4th of July! I know I did! The new breeders ( lots of marbles as well as a green male and females) will be spawned shortly after their settling in etc., I will post pic's when they arrive! I'll try to update some this week, sorry I haven't gotten around to it lately... Enjoy the new site!

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