Betta Splenden Hatchery



Common Terms and Abbreviations:

ST – Single tail.

DT or DBLD – Doubletail.

CT – Crowntail.

HM – Halfmoon.

ct (not capitalized) – Comb tail.

SD – Super delta.

VT – Veiltail.

Spawning Terms:

Fry – Babies that are over the free-swimming stage.

Larvae- Babies (fry) under the free-swimming stage.

Free-swimming- The fry are capable of swimming around and eating, they will now swim horizontally as apposed to hanging tails down vertically.

Breeding Bars or Stripes – Vertical bars female betas get when ready to spawn or when feeling aggressive.

Fear Stripes – Horizontal bars females and males get when scared. Note – If there appears to be no reason your fish has fear stripes, he/she may be sick. Refer to the “Health” section.

Bubblenest – A nest made up of tiny bubbles which a male betta will build fro the female to lay her eggs in when he wants to spawn. Note- A bubblenest is a good sign that your fish is happy and thriving.

Java Moss- A thick mossy plant used by many breeders in spawning tanks; it serves as a hiding place for the female betta, as well as protection for the fry.

MW’s – Microworms (Panagrellus Redivus) – Small microscopic worms in the order of Nematoda, often used for the first week or so to feed to the fry. Good to keep a culture of!

BBS – Baby brine shrimp. Small shrimp often used for feeding young fry. Very handy!
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