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  Here are a few FA Questions I've collected from various forum 'n such.
Q: " how can I tell if my betta is a male or a female?"
Answer: Females bettas alway have fairly short fins, squat bodies (most of the time), and short ventrals. They also have a little white dot protruding between the ventrals, that is an ovipositor, where when spanwing eggs come from. Males generally have long fins, unless it is a plackat - a short finned wild-type/fighter type of bettas. Wild bettas had short fins, but we have bred them up so much that now there are over 6 or 7 types of tails. Male bettas are agressive, they flare at other bettas, and show off to femlaes by spreading their fins and flaring. I'm not saying that females won't flare, some and most of mine do esp. when in the spawning tank, but usually not as intensly as the latter. Male bettas will fight with eachother, so NEVER PUT TWO MALES TOGETHER!!!! Females can usually happily be kept in schools, but always more than two. Males also blow bubble nests. Some females may also blow nests (see question below).

Q: " help! What's wrong?! My female betta is blowing a bubblenest!"
Answer: Some femlae bettas will build an occasional bubblenest. Not sure why, but they do. Now if your female is blowing a bubblenest though, check and try to make sure she is a she/not a he. (Refer to above question). If you checked and she is for sure a she, and she is, well then not to worry, you just have a fiesty girl. She's not sick or anything.
Q: "My betta seems lonely, can I get another betta to keep him company?"
Answer: Suprisingly, this is a very frequently asked question so here goes: 1.) If this is a mlae betta we're tlaking about, do not even think about putting another male in there! As I said beforer, two males will fight, and sometimes (rarely) even to death. Now if you have a female, they can usually be kept together in an adequate large tank, with much plant cover. The smallest tank I would put more than one femlae in is a 5 gallon. If this is the size tank you have, then you can probably get 3 or 4 gals in there comfortably. I say always keep more than just 2 girls together, because female bettas are like wolves for example- they develop a pecking order, and just having 2 girls will result in one always being picked on, which is bad and may result in a sick or severely stressed out or torn up girl. So you will have to expect a little dominance trying when you first put the girls together, don't fret a little is normal. However, some femlaes esp. the ones who have been raised in their OWN cups, well get this idea in their head that they had their own space and they like it that way, so some femlaes who have always been jarred since jarring time when they were fry, may be extra aggressive.
So, you be the judge and don't let anything get too out of hand, but don't worry if they flare, and perhaps do a little nipping.
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